The Module 6 Exam applies all persons who wish to deal in securities products in Singapore.

Exam Syllabus

- Investments And Financial Markets
- Risk And Return
- Investment Analysis - Understanding Financial Statements
- Investment Analysis - Macroeconomic Analysis
- Technical Analysis & Quantitative Analysis
- Portfolio Management
- Equity Securities
- Fixed Income Securities
- Unit Trusts, REITs and Exchange - Traded Fund
- Warrants
- Foreign Exchange
- Case Studies

About the Exam

- 100 MCQs (computer-based)
- Duration: 2 hours
- Passing score: 70%
- Fee: $170 for Non-Members ($20 off if Corporate Members). Additional $20 off if it is not the first attempt.

Please refer to Annex 1A of MAS Notice SFA 04-N09 for the list of exemptions for the M6 exam.

Relevant Products

- 617 unique practice (mock exam) questions in all packages
- 6 Hrs of E-Learning tutorial video content offered in Success package or higher
- Infinite practice questions involving math formulas via patent-pending Mathathon, offered in Elite package or higher

A recommended study time of 40 Hrs is recommended to prepare for this exam.

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