Pass Guarantee

At CMFAS Academy, we are so confident in our products that we offer you the Pass Guarantee. All candidates who have subscribed to the Success, Elite or Biz package are automatically covered under Pass Guarantee during the 2-month access period. There is no prior application or procedure required. Pass Guarantee does not apply during extensions.

3 Simple Conditions for Pass Guarantee

1. You must use all the Products i.e. E-Learning

Learners have different learning pace and weak areas. As such, we do not require you to listen to every second of the tutorial. As long as you have used the E-Learning (and Mathathon, if applicable), we deem that you have met this requirement.

2. Clear at least 90% of the practice questions

To "clear" a question means to have answered it correctly at least once. In another words, the number of questions that you have never gotten correctly before must be lower than 10%.

3. Genuine effort for the exam

We haven't disqualified any claim because of this before. Examples of not satisfying this criteria are:

- Taking the exam more than 3 days after your last learning activity on our website
- Spending only 1 or 2 days clicking through the practice questions blindly in a bid to meet the conditions to Pass Guarantee
- Failing the exam due to not bringing the required calculator, denied entry, being late or no show

What should I do if I meet the conditions but I fail the exam?

In such an unfortunate event, please e-mail us the result slip + the receipt of the re-test. We will reimburse your re-test fee up to a maximum of $200 per attempt.

In the very unlikely event that you fail a second time, we don’t deserve your money! As such, we will refund you the balance of what you have paid us.


Paid for Elite Package: $350
Failed the exam: Reimbursed $150 (re-test fee)
Failed re-test: Refund $200

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