The CACS Series is for persons who wish to work in the Wealth or Private Banking industry.

New Syllabus (commenced 1 Feb 2019)

- Portfolio Management Process
- Macroeconomic Analysis
- Foreign Exchange Analysis
- Fixed Income Analysis and Strategies
- Equity Analysis and Strategies
- Funds Solutions
- Alternative Investments
- Derivatives
- Structured Products
- Credit and Leverage

On the New Exam: In short, it's tougher than the old version. Although there are lesser pages in the study guide (35% less), more emphasis will be placed on applying the knowledge and skills taught. All new IBF exams will come with Multiple-Response questions, which means that instead of choosing one of the correct combinations (e.g. "I & II only"), you will need to tick 2 or more of the 4 checkboxes correctly to score. So, no more using of "rule out" strategy when tackling such questions. Click here for IBF's EXAM FAQ.

About the Exam

- 80 MCQs (computer-based)
- Including about 40% questions involving calculations
- Duration: 2.5 hours
- Passing score: 70%
- Exam Fee: $330/$400 (Member/Non-Member) $20 off if subsequent attempt.

From 1 January 2019, CFA credential holders are exempted from CACS Paper 2. Covered Persons will still need to pass CACS Paper 1 to be deemed to have completed the CACS Assessment.

Relevant Products

- 824 unique practice (mock exam) questions in all packages
- 6 Hrs of E-Learning tutorial video content offered in Success package or higher
- Infinite practice questions involving math formulas via patent-pending Mathathon, offered in Elite package or higher

A recommended study time of 51 Hrs is recommended to prepare for this exam.

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Official Study Guide and Booking of Exam Date

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