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Company Name: KLOGE LLP
Company Registration Number: T12LL1126K

Mailing Address: (We do not accept walk-ins)

8 Marina Boulevard, Level 11
Marina Bay Financial Centre
Singapore 018981

For online customers, drop us a WhatsApp or by going to on your phone :)

For Financial Institutions seeking corporate training solutions:
Email [email protected], call 6653-4118 or WhatsApp

For AIA Corporate Subscribers:
Email [email protected] or WhatsApp

For LMS integration, other corporate subscribers, or all other matters:
Email [email protected] or WhatsApp

Fax: +65 6653 4788

Tip #1: When contacting us, please provide us with the email address you signed up with.

Tip #2: Most questions can be answered by reading the FAQ page.

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