Are your training materials / content up to date? They are of the latest version, right?
Yes! Yes! Yes! We monitor for updates EVERYDAY! Once SCI College or IBF updates the study guide, we will update our content accordingly. Practice questions are usually updated quicker than E-Learning.
How to FAIL my papers? (seriously...)
No joke! Here are some ways to fail:

- Trying to read the book from page 1 to page 849 like a storybook.
- Becoming over-confident by the quantity of practice questions you've done blindly.
- Using practice questions without understanding why the answers are as such.
- Using outdated / dodgy questions downloaded from the Internet or passed around from god-knows-where.
- Memorizing questions and answer choices as if you could pass the exam without understanding.
- Applying formulas blindly without understanding why
- Thinking you need no more practice on questions involving math / formulas.
How long does each subscription last? How much do they cost?
Each package comes with either 1 or 2 months access, which starts counting only when you begin to use the product, or 3 months after purchase, whichever is earlier. The cost of a subscription package ranges from $199 to $700. Please visit the Pricing Info page for more info.

If you need an extension on the access, feel free to contact us.
What are the differences between the different question sets for the same exam?
Like assessment books, every set contains different questions. In most cases, one set only cover one part of the syllabus. Questions in normal sets are usually written according to the sequence in the official study guides, and aids you in practising and learning with depth of the covered chapters.

Premium sets do not follow such sequence, and due to the limited number of questions covering the entire syllabus, you do not get sufficient depth by practising on it although the quality of questions is relatively higher.

In a nutshell, normal sets are good for practising and learning. We encourage you to practise on normal sets, and then evaluate yourself using Premium sets.
Do the questions come with answers or explanations? Are the questions identical to the actual exam?
All our practice questions come with answers and most of them come with reference points to the official study guide or formulas as the explanation. The questions are written to test your knowledge on the examinable syllabus.

Past users did ever claim that some of our questions appeared in the actual exam, but "leaked questions" is just a myth.
Will I pass on my first attempt if I use your product(s)? What's the pass rate?
Yes, we are confident that you will pass on the first attempt if you use our products diligently and put in effort to your exam preparation. We even offer a Pass Guarantee!

Statistic shows that between Oct 2015 to Oct 2016, a whopping 95.5% of our customers who signed up for Success / Elite or Biz package and met the conditions of the Pass Guarantee passed on their first attempt!
What is the Pass Guarantee offered in the Success/Elite/Biz package about?
If you have done your best by using our products but yet still fail the exam, we will reimburse your re-test fee and provide more assistance towards your re-test. If you do miraculously (1.1% possibility, according to statistic) fail again, we refund you the balance!

Users must meet the following conditions in order to be eligible for the guarantee:
1) Clear at least 90% of the mock exam questions.
2) Complete the instructional E-Learning course.
3) Turn up punctually for the exam, taken no more than 1 week after expiry of package.

Re-test reimbursements are capped at $200. In the unlikely event that you need to file a claim, please contact us.
What is the Online Mentor offered in the Biz package about?
You will be assigned an online mentor with whom you will have direct contact via email or Skype. You can consult him/her any question regarding the exam or syllabus.
What payment modes are accepted? Is this website secure?
You may pay by Visa, MasterCard, Paypal or eNets Debit (iBanking). Our site supports SSL, the industry standard encryption.
How soon will I be given access after payment?
It is usually almost immediate, but do allow up to 5 minutes before you contact us about a missing subscription. Remember to attach your proof of purchase!
Can I share my account with someone else? Can I save the content to my computer?
Each subscription is a single end-user licence for that specific exam meant for your personal use only. Sharing of account or copying our content constitutes copyright infringement!
I suspect there is an error with your question. How do I report it?
There is an Exclaimation marked icon on the bottom right hand corner of the Test Engine for you to report erroneous questions. Due to wrongful reporting, please refer to the latest official study guide and provide supporting reference.
I have some question regarding the actual examination, e.g. booking of date, exemptions, replacement of certificates. Who do I approach?
For issues relating to the actual exams or lost certificates, please refer to the respective examination body. SCI College ( oversees CMFAS M5/M8/M8A/M9/M9A and Health Insurance exam, while IBF ( oversees other CMFAS exams, as well as the CACS and FMRP papers.
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